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March 30, 2011 / melpinto

The Corporate Voice is the Loudest Voice!

The Corporate voice is the loudest voice

  • Corporate Speech

What is Advertising?

  • all is propaganda on behalf of consumption
  • Herbert Schiller – (corporate speech) “this whole business of the speech activity and discourse” – the corporate voice is the loudest voice
  • The trajectory has been the extension of that voice into more areas of life
  • Advertising on the trays in front of us on airplanes etc… doctors office etc…
  • Idea: if theres an empty space, advertising wants to fill it
  • Big field in advertising is discovering fields
  • 2 decades ago, a company used lasers to write on the moon
  • Advertising in its totality is a voice
  • Multi-trillion dollar expenditure

Trend in Websites

  • if you click on something you want to read and you get an ad
  • Objective of a brand : is for the brand to become part of culture
    • Something that becomes central to our lives
    • The result of this is the pmass consumer society that we hav
    • Hardpressed to find a more influencial system in modern life

Libidinal Economy

  • exists on a foundation of culture and ideas
  • Rutherford argues (246) that this economy was based on the assumption of the existence of repression and the virtue of liberation
  • The purpose of sex doesnt have to be confined to marriage: liberation
  1. a past of sexual repression
  2. The necessity and virtue of liberation

– normalizing the pornorgraphic

Eros project: last century of eroticizing the world

  • to make objects, places sexy
  • Cleansed practices to sell products
  • creates the erotic self
  • seeks to make the person the whole body as a sexual being to be rendered sexy


  • played a subversive role in the enlightenment
  • The pornorgraphic obscene is still a part of the political
  • Obscene used to make fun – internet (absence of the censor)
  • Dali showed the market that signs and symbols of perversion it could be put into promotion (of the taboo)a
  • Once decidedly anti-establishment

New Mechanism of desire

  • intent to foster the passion of power

Maidenform campaign

  • the bra aquired its appear because of advertising
  • The diamond gained its appeal through advertising
  • Our sense of the self is never innate
    • Always constructed by the surrounding society

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