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March 31, 2011 / melpinto

Compulsory Visibility

More of our consumer electronic devices are becoming multimedia use

More of us are acting like producers in amateur settings

Genderlizing the skill of producing cultural products

Foucoult: compulsory need for visibility

  • enables surveillance and social code
  • Normalizing process
  • The result of confession is to bring you back into society
  • To adjust the self to a normal way of living
  • Ideal: we should be radically transparent
  • Mass withdrawal of the consent (people can stop consenting to be ruled)

Youtube videos

  • Mundane ordinary lives
  • Home birth (Maelle)
  • Spending a lot of time with her children
  • New type of memory system
  • Were remembered though the social network

The looking-glass self

  • done in a face to face network
  • Has created a new context in the internet
  • Taking our lives and putting them up on display
  • Opening up the number of people engaged in telling us who we are
  • Sense of self is a series of stories told about ourselves
  • Permanent record of growing detail
  • Digital memory is now digital too vs before

Celebrity Culture

  • creating someones fame, that fame translating into wealth
  • And through the rise of paparazzi
  • All sorts of dynamics and forces that play in the commercial media system that transfer over to our amateur system with great reward and great risk

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