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April 5, 2011 / melpinto

The Culture Confession

Popular culture: the stuff that the masses are consuming that is bad

High culture = good, low culture mass culture = bad

Academics started seeing value in popular culture

Distinguish its tastes from the masses through tastes

That which is popular came from commercial media… sports etc

A very specific type of culture in the 20th century

  • deinstitutionalized mode of pop culture production
  • Memory, personal history, diaries
  • The culture confession
    • Important mode of cultural production
  • theres always precedent in culture
  • Society validates commercial forms
    • Artists, journalists etc
  • the internet is being feminized as a media space

Chapter 6 – war, politics and religion

  • when a new war comes on, we turn on CNN – participate in news, politics and religion significantly as participants
  • In any of these categories people are making videos to show what “I believe” or “what happened”
  • alter meanings and give preferred meanings to register consumer complaints
  • Producing bits and peaces of digital culture
  • Appropriating commercial material

Pg 167 – is it possible to think about (with reasonable expectations) a future where video supersedes television

  • Is it possible where our cultural productions supercede commercial cultural productions
  • Cultural change can happen when a very small minority changed their opinion or values
  • Significance of the new cultural system cant be measured by the new demographics
  • The significance of it leads to how much freedom you can have

Cultural shift

  • from a decade of the notion “I like to watch”
  • Culture was defined as a culture of couch potatoes
  • Passive watching
  • Now we are engaged in an activity of attracting people

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