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March 29, 2011 / melpinto

The Internet has Defined our Generation

Capitalism: incredible structuring force

  • managed consumer behaviour
  • Minimized resistance
  • always some sort of economy but is minimal in terms of our overall consumption
  • Key difference: de-commodified system of production and de-commodifies the things
  • Mode of cultural production

The internet has defined our generation

Bias toward the debated

  • Corporate system captured that debate which determined what was normative in the social order
  • Not just about producing entertainment but liberating our voices

Youtube Black Women debate videos

  • change of structure changes nature
  • Theory doesnt tell us what the outcome will be

Post Capitalism Production

– has the potentional to be significant on the formation of our identity and

March 28, 2011 / melpinto

The Economy as a Theatre of the Libido

  • transformation of consumption to things that are deeply steeped to meaning

Rutherfords argument of the economy being a theatre of the libido

  • argument goes to the 1800s
  • Draws a lot upon Michael Foucault
  • John Fiske: progressive media of commercial content
    • Never revolutionary
    • Progressive element: celebration of erotic self
  • gone through a centrury of libertion of sexuality
  • willing to be on display


  • would capitalism work if we were healthy?

Carry the effects of power within us

Exam: have a reasonable understanding of rutherford’s thesis/argument and how he moves it forward

  • not asking for an encyclopedic reference

Thesis: consumption system acts as a theatre of libido that attached highly erotically charged meanings to goods based on our psychological make up we are like flies to honey – and therefore highly attracted to the theatre of libidio

One of these reasons: structures of production system

What happens to capitalisms structure of speech when a new system (internet)

March 24, 2011 / melpinto



  • women taking pleasure in their bodies
  • Changing attitude toward sexuality
  • Exercise dance style
  • What is new on youtube: housewives, teenage girls and tweens performing the neo burlesque
  • Complicated human behaviour: resisting through codes (styles of behaviour) that are tainted by the patriarchal culture that they come from
  • Neo-burlesque: areaof women liberating themselves

Pg 57 – Issue of pleasure and how to get it rather than domination and how to end it

  • When it comes to reality television the rich do not participate in it
  • What is fame to the middle class? Different to the upper class

March 23, 2011 / melpinto

“Women will Speak, but Men will be Heard. “

Thinsperation – teenage anorexic girls

  • want for control
  • One of these marginal phenomena so you cant see

“Thinspiration, tips and tricks”

  • group of people lacking in autonomy
  • Reinforce the behaviour among eachother
  • Validate sense of rightness
  • marginalized aspects of women – create a community
  • Gain a form for self-representation
    • Instead of people telling them who they are they

“Women will speak, but men will be heard”

Story of women on youtube

  • them seeing their views misrepresented and then trying to counteract it
  • Reacting against ^
  • Misogynistic: hatred toward women
  • 85% of articles on wikipedia made by men
  • What is it about men and women
  • Some psychologists have told women to be cautious about expressing opinion
    • Men have been told to express
      • Based on different socialization
  • women are outblogging men
  • Theories from 20 yrs ago that said the internet was male domain
  • But what is going on is that the internet is being feminized
  • uncertain character of our digital age – ephemeral (temporary)

Post-Capitalist cultural production *exam

  • gives us voice where we didnt have voice
  • Aspects of typographical fixidity
  • We, the unwashed masses/amateurs/people are outproducing the corporate production system
    • More video
    • More words (exceeding publishing industry)

***The normative debate
What is normative?
Doesnt define everythhing and isnt necessarily normal

March 23, 2011 / melpinto

Propaganda on Behalf of Capitalism

Big Consensus in Science

  • global warming
  • What we dont get in the study in psychology is concensus
  • Theories that fall in line with pre-existing theories
  • High culture was studied
  • Ressources for expressing resistance
  • Audience was resisting
  • Propaganda on behalf of capitalism
  • “shopping is good” – good for us, good for eachothr, good or the economy good for capitalism etc
  • Resistance becomes an issue
  • They will turn us into anything to make a sell
  • Audience is a meaning making not just a meaning receiving
    • Before; “a msg sent was a msg received”
  • capitalism structured life (values, etc)

The Naughty (a world made sexy)

  • erotic meanings were attached to good
  • Increasing pornographic character
  • Advertising creates discontent and anxiety but never offers a complete solution
    • Contentment
  • evoke a sense of transgression

Pg 217 – using elite avant garde and upscale styles

Ex. Eyes wide shut

  • cleansing of the money shot – bottles exploding

Pg 219 – the realm of sex betrayed by the erotica comes off as a giant carnavale


  • resist seeing it in our ads
  • Sexual is titilating
  • Everyone can relate because they practive sexual vs violence
  • Mobilizing libido in the interest of capitalism
  • In the interest of the marketplace
  • Advertising connects the brand to culture
  • Connecting the brand to culture because that is where we find meaning
  • Mobilizes the libido on behalf of the brand to make the sell

Floor Wax Ad

  • women are positioned as ideal housewives (housewives)
  • Brand is repeated
  • Glamorizing the notion of domesticity

Heres another kind of wax advertisement…

March 21, 2011 / melpinto

Technology > Tradition

Transition from traditional to technological modern society


How capitalism as a system that manages desire works

Capitalism inflects and effects every other system

All systems mutually influencing

World Population by 2050 – 9 Billion people
Process of Massification – ripped out of kinship networks and traditional societies
Ripping out of traditions in the past is essential for capitalism

  • forward change
  • Capitalism appears to be a system that is antagonistic to tradition
  • Antagonistic to the type of individual deeply embedded in traditional system
  • In 2030 India will surpass China –
  • A century of giving us thing and taking them away
    • Ex. The Single Parent
  • equity grows as equality grows… which grows faster?
  • To create the modern consumer we’ve disembedded ourselves equally
  • Does capitalism make one kind of self? — Probably not. That is the old theory.
  • One of the most universal forces is the mercantile banking system of commerce (buying and selling things, global exchange of money and flow of goods)
    • Leads to universal symbolic system

Chapter 6 – A world made sexy

Summary on pg 190-196

  • cultural revolution
  • The second cultural revolution started in the 90s
  • Like the 60s, the cultural revolution was the product of social changes (invention of the pill, the simple demographic fact that there were so many young people [baby boomers])
  • Internet age – burst open the normal structures of censorship
  • New technology and new media is used for pornography – main thing HA

191– more people at home were enthusiastically enjoying pleasures of “total body sex”

1990s, there was a mini sexual revolution

The corporate world, government world ive from the neck up – loathing of the body…

  • combination of new technology and new forms of sexual expression (sexting)
  • No censorship…
  • New media system all wrapped up together

Watching commercials

  • the babe and the product become one
March 15, 2011 / melpinto

Toxic Use of Cameras

Chapter 2

Toxic use of cameras in the domestic video

  • Post capitalist pop cultural production
  • New habits with the camera changing how we remember and what we remember
  • The internet is very dangerous to our reputation
  • Before the internet, the avg person wasnt represented
  • A lot of innocent mistakes are now documented and uploaded

How this ties into identity =

  • Reputation was something that could be rescued because there was no record
  • Whole dynamic changes because of social networking

Pg 53

  • The youtube generation may find it difficult to have a fresh start/second chance for a clean state
  • The looking-glass self
  • The mirror that we lookinto is society as friends
  • What I am is significantly our sense of self

A century of scrutiny

  • Co-construction of the individual that depended on kinship, family, friends
  • All sorts of parodies later
  • Charlie bit me – taking parodies of it – gay sex – turning it into adult sex thing
  • (original)

The global anonymous other

  • context of the construction of the self is global
  • Tendency in the internet toward toxic parody
  • Fundamental change in the nature of consciousness
  • The past plays a far more current role in our lives
  • Modernity has done things to us that have made experiences formerly to the elite to be shared to the middle classes
    • Ex. Tasting food from all over the world, travel,

Memory process is critical to identity

  • changing the way identity is constructed
  • With freedom of expression you get locked into identity
  • Our youthful indiscretions

Print is the most surest thing that will survive

  • multiple copies
  • Our personal memories are being privatized by corporations

Pg 60 – Patricia Wallace

The Psychology of the Internet

  • firt studies have good insights but make mistake
  • More control over self representation on the internet

Post Capitalist Pop Culture

  • 20th c is commercial and therefore capitalist
  • We can create cultural objects and inject them into the global stream of cyberspace and do so largely outside the economic system
  • Anthropology called it the gift economy?
  • Produce outside of the imperative of profit

Commercial Media = Homogeneity

Online video will reinforce demands of private property

Intolerant of what is not like us

Theory: “the douchebag effect”

Online video is defacto

Culture being controlled through algorithms
Algorithm is blind, but favours the rights of the corporations but tramples the artistic and cultural rights of the consumer

Drags audience away from economic centre

Amateur is the answer

Online video is part of the demarginalization of women’s voices today