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April 8, 2011 / melpinto

A Very Different Kind of Dogsledding…

It seems that these days the general people are very interested in cute animal videos on youtube. Honestly, I cant deny them either.

The dogs just love it!

April 7, 2011 / melpinto

Is Our Lifestyle Our Own?

Eros Project – capitalism

General question about the Eros Project

What  the libidinal economy is

How it came to be

And what its effect is on us

Pay attention to this argument

Disregard a lot of description

Read the conclusion!

A new dogmatism in media theory has shifted the focus from text the audience

This active audience school insists that the audience is in control of the meaning of media products

There are severe limits to through in any culture

Autonomy of the self – is our lifestyle our own?
Limits to thought – our minds are embedded in institutions and society
The thinking that we do we do with the collective ressources around us

April 5, 2011 / melpinto

The Culture Confession

Popular culture: the stuff that the masses are consuming that is bad

High culture = good, low culture mass culture = bad

Academics started seeing value in popular culture

Distinguish its tastes from the masses through tastes

That which is popular came from commercial media… sports etc

A very specific type of culture in the 20th century

  • deinstitutionalized mode of pop culture production
  • Memory, personal history, diaries
  • The culture confession
    • Important mode of cultural production
  • theres always precedent in culture
  • Society validates commercial forms
    • Artists, journalists etc
  • the internet is being feminized as a media space

Chapter 6 – war, politics and religion

  • when a new war comes on, we turn on CNN – participate in news, politics and religion significantly as participants
  • In any of these categories people are making videos to show what “I believe” or “what happened”
  • alter meanings and give preferred meanings to register consumer complaints
  • Producing bits and peaces of digital culture
  • Appropriating commercial material

Pg 167 – is it possible to think about (with reasonable expectations) a future where video supersedes television

  • Is it possible where our cultural productions supercede commercial cultural productions
  • Cultural change can happen when a very small minority changed their opinion or values
  • Significance of the new cultural system cant be measured by the new demographics
  • The significance of it leads to how much freedom you can have

Cultural shift

  • from a decade of the notion “I like to watch”
  • Culture was defined as a culture of couch potatoes
  • Passive watching
  • Now we are engaged in an activity of attracting people
April 1, 2011 / melpinto

Could-Have-Been Love Story

This really could have been a love story. In terms of chatting online, facebook chat in this case, the amount that people want to say versus what they actually say is disproportionate. Through this type of medium, people tend to hold back their feelings to appear to look jaded or put a on a facade. This raises the question again on authenticity. What you say on facebook.. would you say it in real life? Is the person you are projecting sincerely you? Self-Expression: Try it. Tell someone how you feel today. You won’t regret it.

March 31, 2011 / melpinto

Compulsory Visibility

More of our consumer electronic devices are becoming multimedia use

More of us are acting like producers in amateur settings

Genderlizing the skill of producing cultural products

Foucoult: compulsory need for visibility

  • enables surveillance and social code
  • Normalizing process
  • The result of confession is to bring you back into society
  • To adjust the self to a normal way of living
  • Ideal: we should be radically transparent
  • Mass withdrawal of the consent (people can stop consenting to be ruled)

Youtube videos

  • Mundane ordinary lives
  • Home birth (Maelle)
  • Spending a lot of time with her children
  • New type of memory system
  • Were remembered though the social network

The looking-glass self

  • done in a face to face network
  • Has created a new context in the internet
  • Taking our lives and putting them up on display
  • Opening up the number of people engaged in telling us who we are
  • Sense of self is a series of stories told about ourselves
  • Permanent record of growing detail
  • Digital memory is now digital too vs before

Celebrity Culture

  • creating someones fame, that fame translating into wealth
  • And through the rise of paparazzi
  • All sorts of dynamics and forces that play in the commercial media system that transfer over to our amateur system with great reward and great risk
March 31, 2011 / melpinto

The Kids Don’t Stand a Chance

Not only has obscure baby names become the recent trend… but this infographic is a great explanation of why celebrities shouldn’t name babies. Poor kids. [infographic]

March 30, 2011 / melpinto

The Corporate Voice is the Loudest Voice!

The Corporate voice is the loudest voice

  • Corporate Speech

What is Advertising?

  • all is propaganda on behalf of consumption
  • Herbert Schiller – (corporate speech) “this whole business of the speech activity and discourse” – the corporate voice is the loudest voice
  • The trajectory has been the extension of that voice into more areas of life
  • Advertising on the trays in front of us on airplanes etc… doctors office etc…
  • Idea: if theres an empty space, advertising wants to fill it
  • Big field in advertising is discovering fields
  • 2 decades ago, a company used lasers to write on the moon
  • Advertising in its totality is a voice
  • Multi-trillion dollar expenditure

Trend in Websites

  • if you click on something you want to read and you get an ad
  • Objective of a brand : is for the brand to become part of culture
    • Something that becomes central to our lives
    • The result of this is the pmass consumer society that we hav
    • Hardpressed to find a more influencial system in modern life

Libidinal Economy

  • exists on a foundation of culture and ideas
  • Rutherford argues (246) that this economy was based on the assumption of the existence of repression and the virtue of liberation
  • The purpose of sex doesnt have to be confined to marriage: liberation
  1. a past of sexual repression
  2. The necessity and virtue of liberation

– normalizing the pornorgraphic

Eros project: last century of eroticizing the world

  • to make objects, places sexy
  • Cleansed practices to sell products
  • creates the erotic self
  • seeks to make the person the whole body as a sexual being to be rendered sexy


  • played a subversive role in the enlightenment
  • The pornorgraphic obscene is still a part of the political
  • Obscene used to make fun – internet (absence of the censor)
  • Dali showed the market that signs and symbols of perversion it could be put into promotion (of the taboo)a
  • Once decidedly anti-establishment

New Mechanism of desire

  • intent to foster the passion of power

Maidenform campaign

  • the bra aquired its appear because of advertising
  • The diamond gained its appeal through advertising
  • Our sense of the self is never innate
    • Always constructed by the surrounding society